Bryan Kandel

Bryan is a Spanish teacher, author and trainer who specializes in creating materials and supporting World Language teachers who teach with Comprehensible Input.

Spanish Novels

Los Sobrevivientes: A story of survival against all odds based on true events.

Bajo el Agua: A tourist to Costa Rica becomes the link between a tragic past and a hopeful future.

El Carterista de Pamplona: A pickpocket discovers there’s more to San Fermín than bulls and parties.

Perdidos en la Traducción: An encounter in the airport teaches Samuel and Amy that there is no shortcut to learning a new language.

La Bella Durmiente: The mines of Mount Ananea in Peru hide more than gold. Two young miners discover the secrets of the sleeping beauty.

La Novia Perfecta: A lonely man’s search for love leads him on an adventure he will never forget.